Dan c0w v4.2 :::..Drums
Title: Dan "moo c0w" IIIV
Instrument: Drums/Percussion
Years Played: 10
Past Acts: Dread Fabrik, Aftor Bearth, Fast Times
Other Acts: Fourty-Two (a studio project)

Thoughts of the day/week/year/whatever!?:
Today, I woke up at 8:30am - much to my displeasure. To only rush & get ready for this ugly thing called "work". 9:00am and I'm in my truck about to leave for the ride to Jersey City (the smelliest place on earth) - & my friggin engine won't start! Truck is dead. Why can't I just be on tour?

What you didn't know:
Dan is an avid cymbal breaker. The designer of this site (DIY Biatch!). Also known as "Brixton". Just quit smoking & going crazzzzzzy!!!

A Coo Coo Story:
Damn the man. I'll write this crap soon!

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