Sol: Singer/Guitars
Instrument: Singer & Guitars
Years Played: ?
Past Acts: Dehumanized, the Mean Mistreaters

Something about Sol:
A black guy singing punk rock!? Hell yeah! We call him "the darkness". And he's the writer of almost all of the Coo Coo's songs. You wouldn't think it, but Sol comes from a manotanous hardcore punk background (Dehumanized - released via New Red Archives). One listen to their album, and you end up destroying your living room..
What you didn't know:
Sol creates all the video's for the band! He also has a hand in some of the crazy flyers you see for the Coo Coo's. Give this man a red-stripe - and he'll be happy...
A Coo Coo Story:
Solomon doth be herith to dictatith doth words of such impressive wisdom.. hah!
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