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December, 2002... The Coo Coo's begin. The name chosen from a song called "Coo Coo's", from Sol's (singer/guitar) former band Dehumanized (released via - new red archives). Within 8 weeks of forming, the band headed to the famed "Shangri la Studios" (Atlanta GA) and recorded the origional "Out of Time" album. (independent release (limited edition) - March.07.2003) Out of Time quickly gained an underground following, and the reviews were amazing! (ex. The Aquarian - review in 1st edition of 2003) Several monthes later, the band met up again with recording engineer Will Loftin. And a second album was born. With the addition of LJ on Congas and Guitars, the Coo Coo's are currently supporting their second album as an independent artist.

Sol - Singer/Guitars :: As a founding member of NJ's "Dehumanized" (available from New Red Archives), Sol belts out those lyrics you coo coo fans sing!

Rob/ween/SATAN - Bass ::he's really not satan, but I bet you can't believe it's not butter! Rob is a musical perfectionist, and moonlights the "ween" scene a bit. Find his punktilious craziness, here...
LJ "El Heffe / Mexican" - Congas/Backup Singer :: LJ found his way onto album #2 - and we just had to keep him.. 50 pesos, well worth our favorite mexican "man, we don't need any songs.. this is punk rock!"
Dan "brixton" c0w - Drummer :: experience with such bands as Fast Times (touring EU - Smorgasborg Rec), c0w is that crazy skate punk drummer you f'ing love!!(crazy eddie.. again)42Find his art, and more here...
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