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The Coo Coo's are from the NJ/NYC area. And are regularly playing NYC, NJ, PA, RI, & DE. The band is very diversified, and has played with many random acts. From Dysfunctional Youth to SuperDrag... and many more

If you would like to know more about what The Coo Coo's sound like, you can download tons of FREE mp3's right here.

You can also see the bands complete discography, including release dates and amounts pressed - right here.

If you are interested in booking the Coo Coo's. Or are setting up a show. Just email the band here - and you will be contacted immediatley.
(please include as many details as possible - i.e. phone number, name, venue, date, other acts, admission fee, set time, arrival time, bar?, venue website...etc)

Some random Coo Coo's facts: 1. The straight story is, if you want to know what they sound like, download an MP3 here. That will answer the question you problably are thinking.
Why the band has this exact sound? 2. (counting facts, keep up!) Sol's getting old. That's what it really is. In Sol's teenage years, he was a "drunk-hardcore-PUNK" with a mohawk and boots ta'boot. Dehumanized was his old act (released - New Red Archives) and they played some fast, punk rock CRAZYNESS. Good stuff. Buy it! Anyway, Dehumanized ended. And Sol decided it was time to slow down. And still play punk rock. So now we have this modern day Sol (He's Peurtoruvian you know!).... crazy
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