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Welcome to The Coo Coos . com. We don't believe in normalicy around here. So buckle up. Governmnt Warning: Coo Coo's may cause openminded-ness, love of colors red/black, mohawks appear on the heads of hispanic conga players, singing out loud to the free MP3's, destruction of property, vandalizm, and cars driving down the street, at 2am, with no tires on them.. just rims people!!! just rims!!!


Not much to report. We've all been busy with our jobs, friends, and other bands. Dan & LJ are working on FourtyTwo. Sol is busy in New Brunswick (he's got another band - with a name I do not know of yet)...

I'm thinking about adding a Forum to the site. Perhaps in the upcoming weeks - best regards... cheers... c0w
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Words this weeks - written by Sloth
Sloth: Heeeeey You Guuuuuuuys...
Crazy Eddie: Our Prices are Insaneeee!
Sloth: Sloth Love Chunk!
Record Executive: Maybe for Our Next Project...
Goonies: Thats not a candle - it's DYNAMITE!!!
George Bush: Give. Me. Your. Money!
George Bush Sr.: Make sure you tell them to give me their money...
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