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For those who love to skate!

Old School - Punk Rock & Oi.
Lots of bands, pretty damn good ones too!
White Trash, Two Heebs & A Bean. nuff said..
For the pot head in all of us...
Unsigned band resources and much more.

Here's a bunch of links. Some of them lead to friends. Some of them lead to ruthless corporate bastards who want to suckkk you dry. Keep all the money for themselves, and leave you poor... Anyway, like i said, "here's a bunch of links" - you should really check them out.

"ohhhhhh laaaa taaaayyyy - eeeeiiiiiiiieeeeaaaaaayyyyyyyiiiiiiieeeaaaaaaooooooo - two dollars and fourty eight scents worth of friiiiiied chicken... up in this motha-fu*ka... and you don't know what's going on - inyourbackyardbecausei'mouttherewithameatcleaverandascissor... why how does that make you feel sweat-heart... if I had two minutes alone with you I'd.... (beeeeeeeP... leave your message now) 42!
If you want to see your link up here - then send us an email already! While I'm at it, if you want to join the Coo Coo's street team (and get a bunch of free stuff worth bazillions of dollars - send Nic'da Spic an email with your name, height, weight, first born child, a pair of used socks, the front left hubcap off of your parents car, some smot...!, a nice touring vessel of transpotation, and well.. hey any old random thing you can cram into that email - you put it in there!

(by the way, these random excerpts on some of the pages are called "please sign this band"... so we can take over your record company, and sell it to a homeless guy in NYC for a used copy of the Jam - Compact Snap!)

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