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The Coo Coo's are a bunch of recording junkies. There are currently 2 full length albums and 2 EP's. These recordings can be found here. The EP's are from each album. The Coo Coo's have an amazing outlook on MP3's and file sharing. Afterall, it is the listeners who make the band love what they create. So feel free to download any of these songs and share with your friends!!! Please fasten your seatbelts, light your spliffs, crank your stereo, and enjoy your flight on Coo Coo's airlines... :::booong:::
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We have the right to share files - Don't let the RIAA take away your freedom! -
Album #1
" Out of Time"
01) Forgetting You
02) Little Girl
03) Answer Me
04) Waste My Time
05) Redux
06) Through The Door
07) Oh Well
08) For Us
09) (outro)
10) So Unusual
11) Coming Down
12) Call Me!
13) Signonto
14) Get Out!
15) Think Fast
Album #2
"The Coo Coo's"
01) I Try
02) Crazy
03) Crazy Man Walking
04) Coming Down
05) I Got Both (Interlude)
06) Down The Street
07) Through The Door
08) We're Done
09) Innocent
10) Our Horizon
11) Coffeeeeeee!
12) Out Of Time
13) No Excuses
14) Not At All
15) Know Your Rights
16) Hidden Track
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