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The Coo Coo's are true artistic freaks. These video's have all been created by Sol (singer/guitars). And there's even more to come. Download them now and see for yourself! There is also one song from a live show here (with Nic'da Spic as the derranged camera man).

The Current Project:
Right now two things are in the making. 1. Is a possible video for "Coming Down". And the other (2.) is a DVD of live shows, including the acoustic show at the Corner Stone Caffe (frehold NJ). There's only one more show to be filmed before piecing all the footage together... The DVD may also include all of the video's in super-high quality, and some vintage footage from the starting days!!! This also looks like it will be Sol (and the coo coos) first DVD colaboration with Stank. Stank is a movie master-mind who's knowledge is unsurpased in the independent movie world. Him and Sol will be responsable for the final cut of the DVD - and I know it's gonna rock! So keep an eye out for it soon... Until then.
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1) Crazy
2) Little Girl
3) Our Horizon
4) Forgetting You
Sol (Singer/Guitar) is the creator of these videos and he pretty much just does it for fun. (except for the video footage for "Our Horizon" which was Nic'da Spic's illuminating work) Sol seems to be making other videos for other bands now. So if anyone is interested in filming their band - contact Sol
Also - LJ (Conga's/Guitars/BackupVox) has started a guitar refinishing/modification/redesign side thing. His custom work is rediculously good. So if you've got one f'ed up guitar or bass kicking around, talk to LJ about repainting/refinishing that piece of shiiiiiiiit! - contact LJ
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